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Chia de Gracia

Chia de Gracia ''Devil's Claw''

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Devil’s Claw has been widely used as herbal medicine to treat both acute and chronic inflammation. It is especially useful for musculoskeletal problems and reducing inflammation in equine joints.

Adding Devil's Claw as an equine feed supplement to a veteran horse's feed can help to relieve the general stiffness which is often evident as a horse or pony ages - sometimes natural devil´s claw can be as effective as the prescribed medicines and injections to treat equine arthritis.

A laboratory in France has obtained results that show a 78% reduction in pain using Devil’s Claw. It been proven to be an effective replacement for phenylbutazone ('bute') and cortisone - with the added benefit of not having the side effects of these equine medicines.

Devil's Claw Root is recommended for horses and ponies that suffer from joint and muscular problems and is also used as a treatment to aid the healing of equine degenerative bone disease. Devil's Claw is particularly useful in providing pain relief.

Devil´s claw has soothing, digestive stimulating and diuretic properties. Suitable to be used with chasteberry to relieve heath problems with mares. Chasteberry aligns the hormonal activity and devil´s claw triggers tension in the pelvic floor muscles.