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  • Gloss with Carr & Day

    Keep those coats ultra high glossy with the help of Dreamcoat

    Non-slip, non-greasy & no residue

    Defines muscle and adds a high gloss ready for show or competition

    Available in 500ml recycled bottles

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  • Healthy Hoof with Hoof Grease

    Petroleum, Mineral Oil & Paraben-FREE!

    Nourishes, Regenerates & Promotes all whilst allowing it to still breathe

    Available in a 750ml recycled tub

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  • Detangling & Shine with Absorbine

    The original detangler that smoothes tangled manes & tails

    Reduces hair breakage & providing stronger, healthier hair

    Repels dust and dirt too

    Available in a 1ltr bottle

    Tack Room Must Have 
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