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Now, some like basic and sophisticated. Others like me love the bling and then there are others who sit on both sides of the fence.

Saddle cloths are a pleasurable necessity, as not only do they keep from friction on your horses back from saddles, but they are also now designed for not only comfort but colour and design. Often they are absolutely gorgeous pieces which everyone with any taste can indulge in!

Ear bonnets originally being designed to stop pesky insects, dust, polen and other irritating and allergenic annoyances from entering the ears, they too now double up as superb ear protectors, to noise cancelling in some cases as well as being gorgeous pieces of art now often matching those beautiful saddle cloths!

Dressage, General Purpose and Close Contact cuts are available for the saddle cloths. Long, short, neoprene, cotton and much more for the ear bonnets.

For matchy sets, please see the catagory ''Matchy Set''

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