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Chia de Gracia

Chia de Gracia ''Apple Cider Vinegar''

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Apple cider vinegar promotes normal digestion and abdominal well-being. Helps with abdominal cramps and bowel inflammation.

Helps to alleviate arthritis symptoms. Regularly used to help maintain blood sugar level throughout the day.

Apple cider vinegar helps the body to cleanse blood, reduce calcification of joints and arteries, and improve overall health.

Apple cider vinegar a lso contains all the minerals contained in the apple: phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, silicon and many other trace elements. Particularly rich in potassium.

Can also be used to soak the urinary stones.

Apple cider vinegar is a real healt enhancer and simply an excellent nutrient for all horses.

Suitable for both young and old horses for daily use.