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Biteback ''Small Organic Sweet Relief'' Natural Shampoo

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This premium, ultra-mild shampoo has been especially matched to the pH of animal skin. Its moisturising formula helps calm itchy, irritated skin.  

It contains a mild anti-dandruff agent which also conditions and is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

The organic formula is completely biodegradable with no unnecessary additives (such as parabens, alcohols, sulphates or silicones) meaning you can really trust this product to look after your horse's or dog's skin.

  • Shampoo thoroughly cleanses, removing dandruff and debris and leaving skin ready for other applications
  • Gentle all-natural, COSMOS and ECOCERT approved ingredients means it’s safe to use on sensitive, itchy skins and it won’t irritate human skin either
  • Mild enough to preserve the skin’s natural mantle, so no need to rinse out completely
  • Highly economical in use:  the spray applicator delivers an estimated 25 full washes (horse) from every 500ml bottle, or alternatively 50 full  coat shampoos for a large dog
  • Eco-friendly and vegan
  • Smells completely delicious!
  • FEI legal