• Blog Post 13: I Hear You, So Let's Do This - Update on our Hard Feed Pallets

    I hear you, things needed to change. Read here how I have decided to move forward for much smoother ordering and delivery of our hard feed supply!
  • Blog Post 12: The Blame-Game & The Witless Wonder - My Horses Journey with Hard Feed

    As a horse owner, I have struggled with hard feed for the past 15yrs of owning horses. Feeding out here in Spain, anyway. When does it work? When will it work?

    If you are somewhat sympathetic to the situation I had found myself in until a year ago, this may be the blog for you. If you're here to be nosey and see who I talk smack about, then you have an awful lot of scrolling to do!

    This is a long one!

  • Blog Post 11: Supplements; are you feeding a fad to your horse?

    Ok, so here is one that is going to be either very popular or unpopular. I will exclude the pain relief supplements such as MSM, Bute based, Herbal...
  • Blog Post 10: How can you guarantee your horse is eating enough hay?

    What is your way of guaranteeing your horse gets enough hay? This blog is less of a ''fact blog'' and more of a ''pensive blog''.

    Have a read, would be great to hear your thoughts afterwards!

    Enjoy! :D

  • Blog Post 9: And so, the build begins!

    The new store has been revealed! With our Grand Opening set in sight for the 10th Aug, we want you all to stay tuned with our progress!


  • Blog Post 8: What I feed my horses and Why?

    I got asked today ''What do you feed your horses and why?''. I then began to think that perhaps, a better understanding of the feeds I provide could be shown using my own horses as examples.

    This is how Spillers and Dengie changed the diet, health and look of my horses and why I chose three specific products!

  • Blog Post 7: Bridles - To fit or not to fit?

    The bridle - an essential... but are you putting it on right? Can you tell me if it is fitted correctly?

    Learn the ways to fit your bridle in the most comfortable position for the horse.


  • Blog Post 6: Are you rugging your horse because YOU are cold?

    Equestrians; Are you rugging your horse because YOU are cold? Yes, it has gotten cold here on the Coast. I myself am quite a ''cold bug'' and find...
  • Blog Post 5: Spillers Conditioning Fibre VS Pavo Daily Plus

    Now, there are a lot of people who believe what they are feeding for ratio, vits and min specs and price is pretty good. Unfortunately, most are t...
  • Blog Post 4: Do you really know what you are feeding?

    Top of the Charts with TopSpec Feed!

  • Blog Post 3: Payment Plans on Saddles

    Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls; Having spent a good 15 years in the Horse world, I have always noticed that a DECENT saddle can seriously damage ...
  • Blog Post 2: Halloween Prep!

    Blog Post number 2: Halloween. The end of the year is ever drawing closer, but before we can begin to throw around the ''C'' word - we first must ...