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Ok, so here is one that is going to be either very popular or unpopular. I will exclude the pain relief supplements such as MSM, Bute based, Herbal based etc for this one as my main focus here is Multi Vits, One Specific Vit or ‘’Lone Vits’’ and the ''Head to Toe Supplements''. I get a lot of customers, nice customers who come in asking for a Multi Vit or the Head to Toe (HtT). They tell me that the horse is looking somewhat lacklustre or perhaps could perform better as his job and they just want to do right...

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What is your way of guaranteeing your horse gets enough hay? This blog is less of a ''fact blog'' and more of a ''pensive blog''.

Have a read, would be great to hear your thoughts afterwards!

Enjoy! :D

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new store opening -

The new store has been revealed! With our Grand Opening set in sight for the 10th Aug, we want you all to stay tuned with our progress!


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I got asked today ''What do you feed your horses and why?''. I then began to think that perhaps, a better understanding of the feeds I provide could be shown using my own horses as examples.

This is how Spillers and Dengie changed the diet, health and look of my horses and why I chose three specific products!

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The bridle - an essential... but are you putting it on right? Can you tell me if it is fitted correctly?

Learn the ways to fit your bridle in the most comfortable position for the horse.


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