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Blog Post 12: The Blame-Game & The Witless Wonder - My Horses Journey with Hard Feed

As a horse owner, I have struggled with hard feed for the past 15yrs of owning horses. Feeding out here in Spain, anyway. When does it work? When will it work? If you are somewhat sympathetic to the situation I had found myself in until a year ago, this may be the blog for you. If you're here to be nosey and see who I talk smack about, then you have an awful lot of scrolling to do! This is a long one!

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Blog Post 11: Supplements; are you feeding a fad to your horse?

Ok, so here is one that is going to be either very popular or unpopular. I will exclude the pain relief supplements such as MSM, Bute based, Herbal based etc for this one as my main focus here is Multi Vits, One Specific Vit or ‘’Lone Vits’’ and the ''Head to Toe Supplements''. I get a lot of customers, nice customers who come in asking for a Multi Vit or the Head to Toe (HtT). They tell me that the horse is looking somewhat lacklustre or perhaps could perform better as his job and they just want to do right by them. Whilst this is such a lovely thought, and the owners genuinely give a hoot about their four-legged friend,...

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