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Chia de Gracia Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Chia de Gracia Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

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Hemp seed oil is rich in essential omega 6, and 3 fatty acids in the optimal ratio (3:1) . Omega fatty acids nourishes and protects the skin and enhances its natural protective layer.

In addition, they will help to cure inflammations in the body.

Hemp oil also includes valuable gamma linolenic acid (GLA) , which controls the anti-inflammatory agents in the cells. GLA is very beneficial fatty acid in horses diet , because it affects the amount of mucus which protects the digestive organs, and thus may prevent stomach upset.

Hemp oil has been shown to improve a horses / dogs healthy skin , reduce skin dryness , itching & flaking, as well as to increase hair gloss.

Natural Vitamin E protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. High quality oils such as CDG Hemp contain antioxidants and help reduce muscle carbohydrate levels. Hemp Oil is ideal for additional energy in the horses & dogs diet, for the treatment of skin problems and rashes, and for maintaining the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Hemp seed oil also has a beneficial effect on muscle health, resistance and glucose metabolism.

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