Horze Winter Fly Rug Bristol

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Your horse can stay outside and enjoy the raindrops while staying fly-free with this unique fly sheet.

This functional fly blanket combines a fly sheet with waterproof fabric to protect the horse's back from heavy summer showers. No need to worry about your horse getting soaked through his fly sheet when he can enjoy the rain in comfort. Combo neck with Velcro closure, detachable leg straps and gusset.

The unique Horze Bristol Fly Sheet with Waterproof Back is an amazing invention for the horse community. A waterproof back allows your horse to remain outdoors during warm summer showers and the fly mesh body keeps the pests away. A perfect marriage of functionality and common sense.

Why bring your horse indoors during a shower when he is happier grazing and enjoying the refreshing rain? When the sun returns he will dry off in a breeze and the Horze Bristol Fly Sheet will remain in place and continue to ward off evil flying insects.

The Horze Bristol Fly Sheet will be your favorite piece of your horse's summer wardrobe.