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Forageplus ''Ration Plus'' Probiotic Liquid

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Ration Plus horse probiotic is a biological, feed additive derived from bacteria found naturally within the horse’s digestive tract. This product includes lactobacillus acidophilus. It is effective as a horse probiotic and prebiotic feed.

Ration Plus provides a favorable environment for the growth and activity of the important and beneficial digestive microorganisms.

The active ingredients concentrated in Ration Plus are bacterial by-products. These by-products are produced through a unique multi-stage fermentation process. The end result is a highly stable concentrate that supplies a combination of nutrients to target specific beneficial bacteria found in the digestive system.

Ration Plus, as part of overall good horse probiotic digestive care can:

Promote weight gain
Support muscle development
Support healthy coats and hooves
Improve and support vitality and performance
Provide support for correct healthy digestion and hind gut fermentation
Maintain resilience during stress periods
Encourage a good appetite
Reduce undigested cereal in manure