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Forageplus ''Performance Winter'' Balancer

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This superior, high specification, ultra low iron, horse feed, equine balancer has been formulated for winter use with performance horses in moderate to heavy work. It can also be used with horses with limited turn out on green and growing pasture.

This balancer is a powder, which is very low in sugar and starch, contains no fillers and only the highest purity minerals and vitamins. The Forageplus Performance Winter Equine Balancer makes the ideal accompaniment to straight feeds used in horse feed such as beet pulp, oats, alfalfa, copra and wheat bran although compound mixes can also be used.

Forageplus Performance Balancer has been formulated using data obtained from scientific analysis of our many samples of forage and contains only the commonly deficient minerals, vitamins and amino acids found to be needed to help balance the diet of a performance horse. All the ingredients are designed to aid optimum health and performance. This Winter version contains 3000iu of vitamin E per 170 gram amount.

This horse feed balancer will support muscle strength and development, enhance stamina and athleticism and give your horse the extra nutrients needed to maintain a high level of performance in all activities.

The minerals used are of a high quality to ensure against contamination with heavy metals and enable good absorption rates.  We also recommend the addition of linseed with this balancer to provide adequate amounts of omega 3.  Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which is in short supply in winter forage, feeding 42 grams of Micronised Linseed per 220 kg of body weight will provide optimum amounts.