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Forageplus ''Monosodium Phosphate'' Powder

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Phosphorus for horses is often needed to be supplemented at high levels to balance to the high levels of calcium found in horse grass and hay we feel it is important to ensure a high quality low iron source is fed each day.

Forageplus monosodium phosphate for horses supplies a valuable, low iron, high purity, source of horse phosphorus providing 24% elemental phosphorus and 20% elemental sodium.

This product supplies a valuable source of phosphorus for horses with low iron contamination. Commonly the phosphate sources sold for horse consumption can be extremely high in iron, in excess of 800 ppm.

Forageplus are concerned to source the purest and highest quality sources of minerals for horses. This phosphorus for horses is guaranteed to contain less than 20 ppm and is guaranteed to have the lowest iron level of monosodium phosphate for horses on the market.