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Forageplus ''Limestone Flour'' Calcium Carbonate

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Calcium, also know as limestone flour for horses is an important mineral for whole body health. As an important structural mineral most calcium in the body can be found in the teeth and bones. It is a natural source of calcium which supports healthy growth and the general maintenance of bones and teeth.

Calcium is also the activator for release of chemicals from nerve endings, for constriction of arteries in regulation of blood pressure and calcium release from storage structures inside muscle cells causes muscular contraction. The swimming of sperm requires calcium. Calcium is also needed for the release of insulin from storage areas in the pancreatic cells.

Other minerals work with calcium or are needed to balance out its effects. These include phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. All must be present in correct concentrations so it is wise to carry out analysis of the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats in order to determine the correct amounts of calcium, or ratio of calcium and all minerals in the diet.

Through forage analysis we can confidently advise our clients on how much calcium you might need to feed.

Usually horses in light to moderate work will be adequately supplied by calcium in the grass, hay or haylage they eat. Horses eating alfalfa and beet pulp, which are both high in calcium, are also exposed to high levels of naturally chelated calcium.