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Forageplus ''L-Lysine'' Essential Amino Acid

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Forageplus lysine for horses is an essential amino acid most often deficient in the diets of horses.

Recent research has confirmed that diets containing at least 4.3% of their crude protein as lysine support the same gains/growth at lower levels of crude protein because of more efficient utilisation of the other amino acids in the body.

Also, feeding Lysine improves protein availability.

This essential amino acid is often the key to improving protein availability, especially in grass hay-based diets. Making the proteins that are in the feed available to the horse is one of the most important keys to efficient growth, blood building, tissue health, and muscle development. Lysine for horses is key for healthy growth and performance.

By concentrating on improving protein quality and availability, owners can avoid the problems and expense of high levels of crude protein. Supplemental lysine is the best approach to achieving this goal.