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Forageplus ''Jiaogulan Gynostemma'' Herb

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Jiaogulan herb for horses is a good quality leaf grown and packaged in China. Jiaogulan is useful for helping recovering laminitic horses and ponies, horses recovering from tendon & ligament injuries and horses prone to a stiff gait.

It comes in powdered form for convenience.

When jiaogulan herb for horses is combined with spirulina it can help the healthy maintenance of lungs in response to challenges from environmental influences like dust and mould spores.

This herb otherwise known as Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is a vine indigenous to mountainous Southern China. It is well known in China for its support against fatigue and bad colds and is renowned for its vitality properties. Jiaogulan for horses maintains healthy cortisol processes by adapting and supporting the natural levels of cortisol in the equine body. It can then be useful in supporting good muscle function and development in all horses.

Jiaogulan works with the bodies natural anti-inflammatory pathways supporting production of endogenous nitric oxide from vascular endothelium.  This means that this herb is useful to support circulation in the hooves of horses prone to and recovering from laminitis.

The nutritional benefits of horse jiaogulan can contributes to the support of breathing and healthy lungs in horses exposed to environmental challenges such as dust and mould spores.

Please note Jiaogulan should not be used in horses who have active inflammation.