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Forageplus ''Bioplex Copper''

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Copper is a trace element and a great supplement, a highly absorbable source, bioplex copper provides 12% elemental copper without additives or fillers. An important trace mineral for whole horse health, copper plays a vital role in many enzymatic processes within the horse’s body.

or example lysyl oxidase enzyme is dependent upon copper and strengthens cross links between collagen and elastin molecules in connective tissue. The health of bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, arterial walls are dependent upon this enzyme and thus the availability of copper from the diet.

Other copper dependent enzymes are involved in the correct functioning of mitochondria, the central nervous system, iron metabolism, healthy haemoglobin levels, production of the pigment melanin and supporting healthy coat, mane and tail hair colour to prevent ‘rusting’ or ‘bleaching’ of the horses hair shaft.

Forageplus forage analysis of horse grass, hay and haylage repeatedly shows that copper is at low levels in forage and other minerals which would act to block the absorption of this important mineral are often high.  All must be present in correct concentrations so that the ratios of minerals allow the body the optimum absorption rates to maintain and support optimum health.

Correct copper for horses levels as matched to the ratios found in grass, hay and haylage is important for pregnant mares, foals, young growing horses, older horses and performance sport horses in moderate to heavy work..

Forageplus does not advise the feeding of separate minerals unless levels have been checked through carrying out a forage analysis.  The ratios of minerals are important and feeding one mineral without supplementing correct levels of another can be detrimental to horse health.