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Chia de Gracia

Chia de Gracia ''Not So Sweet-Itch''

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Designed for horses suffering from skin problems or dry & itchy skin.

Containing hemp seeds, brewer's yeast, marigold, chamomile, sea buck-thorn, echinea, nettle and a pinch of love

Hemp seeds are high in essential omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are important for healthy skin.

Nettle is healthy and strengthening plant which also increases the resistance. It also helps to renew the mucous membranes and skin cells.

Marigold and Chamomile soothes itchy skin. Marigold contains carotenoids which contributes skin renewal. It also has an antibacterial effect to prevent the infection.

Chamomile eases sensitive, irritated, flushed and are hypersensitive skin.

Also echinea has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect which protects the skin and helps to keep it healthy.