BR Draw Rein Norwich

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The ends of these draw reins are made of nylon cord (8 mm wide).

A great advantage of cord is its smooth surface, which allows the reins to slide easily through the bit rings.

The parts that are held by the rider are made of soft leather (18 mm wide). The cord ends attach to the girth by means of snap hooks.

The draw reins come with a leather girth loop with D-ring, which can be used if the girth does not have a ring of its own.

The girth loop has an extra protection flap for the D-ring and a leather loop keeper. The draw reins feature shiny, silver-coloured fittings made of chrome-plated brass.

Draw reins allow the rider to obtain a correct position of the horse’s head. If the horse overextends its head, the draw reins will put pressure on the bit, which will subside when the horse gives way