Reloved Sales 💙

I take in second-hand goods, mainly saddles. These are sold worldwide through my social medias, so here are my conditions for both the seller & the buyer.

I take 20% fixed of the total sale price - so, for example, if we are talking a saddle of 450€, I would take a 90€ commission.

I only sell saddles that are in my possession (so the saddle must be with me before I advertise it) and I handle everything with the buyer, from shipping, insurance etc and of course, negotiations. Anytime the saddle moves, is tried, or we receive an offer, this is directly communicated to you, I do not make decisions on your behalf.

I do not sell saddles I cannot see, handle, photograph, as should there be any mishaps on condition, it is my name that gets tarnished, no one else’s & I cannot risk the trust I have built.

I give an accurate resale evaluation on saddles, and I will not take a saddle in if I think you are unrealistic on its value (according to the condition, age, type etc).

You get a detailed receipt upon me taking possession of the saddle & a detailed sales receipt upon sale which includes the saddles details, the exchange of money etc. Both receipts are signed by me and you, this is a must. As it acts as proof for us both, as to where the saddle & the money are at all times.

Once sold, if it is a cash sale, the owner can collect the money the following working day that I am open or if it is a transfer sale / credit card sale, then it takes between 1 and 3 working days for the fund to clear into my account. I will not surrender the funds earlier, in case of a transfer reverting or bouncing.

Should the saddle be sold outside of the EU, there is a 15€ bank charge by my bank, for receiving funds outside of the EU – this is paid by you. This is non-negotiable.

My commission is taken out automatically, prior to your pay-out.

You are free to retake your saddle at any time, with at least a day’s notice and on days that I am open.

Selling a saddle.

I supply a detailed & in-depth description of the saddle and its qualities & conditions, as well as clear detailed photos along with the adverts in my social medias which is usually Instagram & Facebook. Photos include but aren’t exclusive to; the seat, the channel, the panels & any other decorative areas upon that saddle. Marks & damages are stated clearly in the advertisement.

Questions are welcomed, as are requests for more photos. This can be done by any of our communication channels.

We do not fit saddles and suggest that you consult your local saddle fitter, or we can put you in touch with a saddle fitter for advice, inspection and more so. The fit and sourcing a good fit, is down to your responsibility as the buyer.

Due to the saddles being second hand, there are no returns, exchanges or refunds possible.

Payments can be made via Bank Transfer (ideal), Card Payment or Cash. We cannot accept payments for second-hand goods through the website or through website links as this affects our sales takings with incorrect figures.

Postage is always excluded in the price unless indicated in the original advert or re-negotiated with the owner