How It All Started

Do you really want to know about me? šŸ˜‚

Well, ''me'' is Jayde. I am the brain power, the draft horse of the Zafiro Brand.

I started it *almost* 4 years (2016) ago when I was just 19yrs old. I was previously a freelance marketing manager so, my background for social media was already well adept at handling my own advertisement!

I was searching for a pair of brushing boots in my local shops and I just couldn't find this particular brand, which was HKM. After moaning to everyone, I decided to look online, where the postage was the price of the boots! So I was going paying nearly ā‚¬60 for a pair of ā‚¬30 boots... but they were my favourite boots.

I couldn't justify it, I couldn't do it. I hated the idea of waiting for something which SHOULD be readily accessible at my local shops. So, I said to my partner, mother and grandparents (my only family) ''God, I wonder if I should start a horse shop?''

And that's where it began... and continues today!

My aim has always been, to be able to serve two very different types of customers at the same time. To have your gorgeous farm girl come in with her wellies and jeans looking for a new headcollar and pitchfork to the glamourous Prix St George competitor looking for her new seasonal jacket, and everyone in between. Leaving no one out, nothing being missed and catering for EVERY rider and EVERY horse that needs me or walks into my shop.

Every person who walks through my door or chats to me online is always of equal importance to me and will be served as if it's just me and you, with every question answered and all details included.

I have vowed to make Zafiro a unique and very personal experience. I do not promise to always get it 100% right, but I will always give it my best and I will always improve.

Welcome to a different kind of Equestrian shopping, Welcome to Zafiro!

Much Love,

Jayde Xx