About Us

Welcome to Zafiro - my living idea of a personal equestrian shop
I am Jayde. I am the one woman who runs the operation that is ‘’Zafiro Equestrian’’.
I am a little unsure if it is actually ‘’me’’ you want to know about or if it is infact the history of the shop, but in all fairness, they are more or less the same.
Personally, I believe that through retail, we can all have good conversations with our horses, like I am above with my own horse & the yard cat. I also believe that you can do exactly that in a gorgeous blingy bridle, matchy sets and with the entire therapy range ever made. But, I also believe that you can do it, with a simple rope halter, or even bare naked (the horse, but maybe you too!)
Through the limiteless catalogue of the Equestrian retail industry, I want to hear your conversations whilst helping you and your horse feel their upmost comfortable. By providing both of you with anything & everything you need.
Feeling my upmost comfortable helping each individual with a very personal and friendly service, where I am always there to help and always there if you feel you need me.
Good conversation & importantly, really good fun!
Every aspect of the shop is run by me, so you are always guaranteed a first class, personal service. I am here entirely to serve you all and I am proud to do it.
So please, take a look at my Page, the Offers Group, the Website, Instagram & enjoy the vision I have put together to bring a community of riders into having amazing, quality equipment whilst having those magical conversations
Love, Jayde xX