Blog Post 15: Fenugreek and why we love it ❤️

Fenugreek 🍑
The little unsung hero with seeds like bottoms!😜
Not often are they found in modern hard feed but only occasionally nowadays, they are starting to make a well deserved comeback!🤘
Originally fed many moons ago to aid in horses gaining weight, this is not the only power these little seeds have!💪
Their best benefit, in my opinion is when they are wet!
When they are soaked, they form a smooth, mucus bubble. Sounds gross? Well, this mucus bubble coats and soothes the gastrointestinal tract, aiding horses who are suffering from inflammation as well as protecting against ulcer formation, making it ideal to feed to horses with either/or and those with intense stress of competition. 🐎
Their studied results showing them being equally effective as Omeprazole😳
Amazing, right? Well, there is more!😱
Fenugreek can aid to improve digestion and alleviate symptoms of bloating and gas, whilst also absorbing "endotoxins" (bad bacteria) helping to flush them out into waste 💩
On top of all this, it has been studied and proven to help regulate glucose and insulin levels, making this a very very useful little supplement to have 😉
Stay tuned for more little hints throughout the week as I have some very exciting news to announce 👏🙈