Blog Post 2: Halloween Prep!

Blog Post 2: Halloween Prep!

Blog Post number 2: Halloween.

The end of the year is ever drawing closer, but before we can begin to throw around the ''C'' word - we first must prepare for Halloween!

It's that time of year which begins the introduction to dressed up houses and very recently, dressed up horses too! Every year, we get inundated with requests for funky products available to purchase to dress those fabulous ponies and swaggalicious horses.

We had of course, hoped to have been open in the new shop for Halloween, but it seems as always, things are slightly slower than expected. Still, as they say - all good things come to those who wait. Plus, it seems I have to invest in a new delivery nag-wagon as my last one died!

Until then - we will have a fabulous range of special offers beginning from the 21st Oct until the 1st Nov. These will eventually be found on the ''Halloweenie Dealies'' page.

Until next time, Zafiro Xx