Nettle and why we love it ❤️

Nettle and why we love it ❤️

Nettle - there's no sting here, only love!

This little shrub which often gets a bad name, is actually a well respected power house! For us humans, it tastes somewhat like spinach with a mild pepper hint. Sounds delicious on a salad!

It is now occasionally found in some respectable hard feed companies and hopefully soon, more still!

Nettle is super rich in natural vitamins & minerals, containings high levels of calcium, phosphares, nitrogen, silica and vitamins such as B, C and K. It is also known for being one of the highest natural sources of Iron.

Better than your average off the shelf multi-vit, right?

However, it's best and most effective use, in my opinion is it's ability to fight allergic reactions, from small reactions of say bites to the larger allergic reactions caused internally.

A well rounded little gem which has been proven to help other issues such as arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as supporting the immune system as well as the respiratory, urinary and even the reproductive system, although, there is yet to be a study in horses to prove how in the later.

Coming extremely well rounded, providing a heavy amount of natural Vits and Mins, it appears that these little leafy greens are a fabulous addition to any diet here in the South of Spain, to make up the shortfalls in our forage and grazing!

All in all, a bit of love for the sting <3

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