Blog Post 4: Do you really know what you are feeding?

Blog Post 4: Do you really know what you are feeding?

Do you know what you are feeding your horse? Do you know what your yard is feeding your horse? Most importantly; can you tell me what nutrition your horse is receiving? And WHY you are feeding it?

We can all be ignorant, and perhaps a wee bit lost when it comes to the whole world of nutrition, balance and type - but that doesn't excuse it.

I was there at one point; An Anglo-Arab gelding with almost every issue under the Sun and was probably just as hot too. To be honest, back then I most likely had NO clue why I was feeding what I was but it was what I was told and so I done it. Ignorance is easily influenced.

Now, my two boys are fed specifically according to their needs (nutritionally, type, balance). I now have two very healthy boys and I can honestly tell you - I am no poorer than I was previously, just my horses didn't look so good or felt so good.

This is where I am coming into it - I am now an official TopSpec retailer whom has been given the required training ontop of my equine education to ensure I can provide the CORRECT advice to each and every client. Donkey, Pony, Horse, Good-doer, Resistant to calories etc etc.

I am more than happy to give each client a comprehensive analysis as to what feed would be most suitable for your horse according to any issues (internal) he may have, the improvements necessary for him/her and your budget.

For more information and a little guidance, please don't hesitate to contact me further.

As always, I am more than happy to help :D Xx