Blog Post 3: Payment Plans on Saddles

Blog Post 3: Payment Plans on Saddles

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls;

Having spent a good 15 years in the Horse world, I have always noticed that a DECENT saddle can seriously damage the wallet/purse. Synthetic saddles more than have their place in the world, especially a world on a budget. But what if you want to become serious? What if you HAVE to have a good one? Maybe you just WANT one...

Either way, they come with a price, no matter the brand. Kieffer, Albion, Prestige, CWD etc they'll break your bank in somewhich way. Now, you could think - 'I'll take out a loan, max out my credit card etc'' - All of these have interests and comissions, which could easily turn a €3500 saddle into a €4200 saddle.

That's where we come in; Payment plans via Direct Debit. Now, of course - each saddle is different, different price etc.

So, for example: the Anky Mono Flap (a saddle I provide) retails at €3.195,00.

I would require a deposit (this will be put towards the purchase my end of the saddle and is NON refundable should you change your mind), your valid passport, bank account details & a signed contract between yourself and the business showing what is owed, how much each instalment is, when it would be charged to the account and for how long. In this contract, it will stipulate the manufacturors warranty for any defects or damages on the saddle, should that happen. This contract will be signed by both parties, once agreed.

Ideally, I would be offering this service for any saddle over €500. Payment plans can be offered UP to 18 months.

Please note, that should any Direct debit bounce, it will be represented 2 working days late, with an 8€ surcharge for any charges that have been incurred for late payment.

Of course, should you have any questions regarding how this would work - please do not hesitate to ask. It is a fabulous opportunity for anyone wanting a more than budget saddle without forking out a massive cost.

I look forward to all your questions,

Until next time, Zafiro Xx