Turmeric and why we love it ❤️

Turmeric and why we love it ❤️

Oh, Turmeric... surely we are all familiar with this plant - a sister to the ginger family (also known for it's health benefits!)

Amongst fans, Turmeric is probably best known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and it works by reducing those inflammatory pathways significantly, so significantly BUT without damaging any stomach lining (unlike some well known artificial supplements targetting the same approach), making it virtually side-effect FREE

It is a favourite for those suffering with debilitating inflammatory diseases, the most common being Arthritis, followed by Insulin resistance & even, cancer.

Another added benefit of Turmeric is that it helps to detoxify the liver whilst also being a natural antioxidant in itself, making it double effective in this area. Older horses, I'm looking at you!

For those of us who know Turmeric, also know that what makes this genius plant a genius, is its primary ingredient - curcumin. It is this little phytochemical that gives Turmeric its reputation

However, this active ingredient is in a bit of a needy relationship - with fat & with pepperine. Found in any oil (preferibly a high Omega 3 oil such as Linseed or Coconut oil) and black pepper - which nowadays are commonly found as a trio in most Turmeric supplements for horses, dogs and humans alike

My tip:

If you are feeding your own turmeric (organic is best), please check the percentage of active ingredient, which HAS to be over 3% in order to make any difference. In regards to your fat, I would suggest Linseed as your first choice of fat, as it has a higher level of Omega 3 than Coconut (& always go for cold-pressed for either of those two).

Black pepper can be found anywhere, but please check it for bioactivity. Buying whole black peppercorns which are labelled bioactive is best, and grinding as needed.

I wholeheartedly recommend my brand new product TurmerAid by The Golden Paste Company, which has those very three ingredients combined, in the highest quality PLUS added extras such as Red Bush Tea, Yucca & Apple Cider Vinegar. Have a read here

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