Neem and why we love it 💙

Neem and why we love it 💙

Neem - this we often find in creams, topicals or shampoos. But it isn't something we often find in the feed section of a tack shop.

So, what does it do? Exactly what you think it does

Used to treat skin infections, yeast or fungal from within the body - neem contains powerful antisceptic, antibacterial & antiviral properties.

This would be why it has such a fantastic reputation within the sweetitch & general skincare community for horses

From within the body, neem can do much more for the skin than it can from the surface.

It can purify the blood, combats free-radical damage (which causes inflammatory diseases and other serious health issues), flushes out toxins through the liver and even helps to treat ulcers

All of these combined processes helps kickstart the immune system into becoming the powerhouse it needs to be in order to repair itself

Neem more than proves itself worthy of attention, especially when used as a supplement and not just as a topical - but at least now you know why you are seeing it in all those products

There is a con to it, however. Neem cannot be fed to pregnant horses (or even people) as it can cause miscarriages. It also should be introduced slowly and kept at the suggested feeding rate, as if fed at high dosages can cause kidney & liver damage.

So now you know - and if you are looking at purchasing some then I do carry pure-grade Neem leaf in stock which you can find here

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