Glucosamine and why we need it 💙

Glucosamine and why we need it 💙

We have all heard of it. We all know we need it, for something. But why?

Glucosamine is a natural compound (an amino sugar if I am not mistaken) that is found within cartilage. You know, the tough tissue that surrounds the joints.

Paired alongside Chondroitin, they make up the structural components of the cartilage. They are both naturally produced by the body, but with degeneration (a polite way of me saying 'with age') and general wear and tear, your cartilage starts to be less tough, lets say.

Supplementing glucosamine has been found in studies to prevent & slow down the degeneration in some people and animals. It also has been found to be a pain reliever for those whom have inflamed cartilage or even a total breakdown.

Studies are still ongoing, but at the moment studies are more on the side of pro, than con.

In supplemental form, glucosamine is usually always derived from animals. Usually shellfish, which can be a big problem for both people and animals who either can't or shouldn't be consuming animal derived products. That wpuld be the only drawback I can think of to buying any old joint supplement without any investigation.

Nowadays with technology and research, one of my beloved brands Chia de Gracia have commercialised the worlds first 100% vegetable derived Glucosamine supplement.

What does this mean? It means that there is no longer that age old issue of joint supplements needing to be animal derived products which has been found to cause digestive issues in horses but it also means that the environment is not impacted as this vegetable derived product is sustainable & ECO-friendly

You can find more details about it here

The joints - a very important part of the body for every jointed animal in this world but especially so for the horse. In motion, in sport, in every day life. The joints are a common weakness in horses nowadays, and we would be better off erring on the side of caution, than leaving it to whim & fate.

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