Blog Post 4: Do you really know what you are feeding?

Posted by Jayde Moore on

Do you know what you are feeding your horse? Do you know what your yard is feeding your horse? Most importantly; can you tell me what nutrition your horse is receiving? And WHY you are feeding it?

We can all be ignorant, and perhaps a wee bit lost when it comes to the whole world of nutrition, balance and type - but that doesn't excuse it.

I was there at one point; An Anglo-Arab gelding with almost every issue under the Sun and was probably just as hot too. To be honest, back then I most likely had NO clue why I was feeding what I was but it was what I was told and so I done it. Ignorance is easily influenced.

Now, my two boys are fed specifically according to their needs (nutritionally, type, balance). I now have two very healthy boys and I can honestly tell you - I am no poorer than I was previously, just my horses didn't look so good or felt so good.

This is where I am coming into it - I am now an official TopSpec retailer whom has been given the required training ontop of my equine education to ensure I can provide the CORRECT advice to each and every client. Donkey, Pony, Horse, Good-doer, Resistant to calories etc etc.

I am more than happy to give each client a comprehensive analysis as to what feed would be most suitable for your horse according to any issues (internal) he may have, the improvements necessary for him/her and your budget.

For more information and a little guidance, please don't hesitate to contact me further.

As always, I am more than happy to help :D Xx

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