Blog Post 13: I Hear You, So Let's Do This - Update on our Hard Feed Pallets

Blog Post 13: I Hear You, So Let's Do This - Update on our Hard Feed Pallets

Good Evening Hoofers! Hope you’re all doing well and having a fantastic weekend!

So, I wanted to post an updated about the feed pallets directly on my Facebook, but the post was just too long, so made it into a mini-blog piece as it kept it tidier.

In the hopes of having happy horses, happy owners and a happy Jayde, here are my plans to move forward and keep everything running smooth!

We had a lot of issues with all pallets this summer, every pallet. This was our first summer and I went into it thinking we would be unscathed, but we weren’t. Far from it. From strikes in transit countries, to bank holiday weekends, to ferias, to broken bags and pallets etc.

  • I have taken on hired help – it is getting harder to provide everybody with the attention they deserve, the quality of that attention and to keep all the orders and paperwork in check. I was not in the position to do this before, simply as at that time, it wasn’t necessary. However, they have grown to such a size that I simply cannot do all jobs involved AS WELL as the normal running of the shop. So, I will deal with taking new orders, new clients, sales and yard visits. The other two will deal with regular clients, processing all orders, all the updates and the backend side of it all such as the marketing and emails etc. Meaning that everything is split between three people.
  • I will publish a proper schedule on all social medias & through email subscriptions of when the orders are to go in every month. This will help you know when I need your order in by and serve you as a reminder, and in turn, will help me and my help with keeping on top of everyone. If you decide not to reply to me with your order, your order will not be added. I will need the email address of EVERYONE who currently orders with me, so you will be asked for this very soon!
  • I will keep a small ‘’float’’ or ‘’stock’’ of items which are my most common – Linseed Mash, UlsaKind, Senior Balancer and a couple of others. This is for you guys on regular order ONLY. This should help you WHEN there are incidences or delays. I will have separate stock to sell to anyone who pops by. This could take a little time to build up, but it has already been put in place.
  • I will publicly announce the ETA’s on each order when I have them on all social medias & through email subscriptions so that there are NO misunderstandings.
  • All strikes, public holidays in the countries from the warehouse down to me that are known to me, will be advised on all social medias & email subscriptions. It is very hard for me to send so many messages privately and keeping up with everyone.

I understand that the incidences that happened over the Summer are extremely frustrating and I also went through it quite rough too. Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of those problems, they occur but they should affect us minimally. I cannot do anything about strikes and whatnot, but I can make sure we are totally prepared for them, in all senses. Better organised, more hands-on and more seem to be the way forward!

So, if anyone who has hesitated to order because of these orders, I really hope you see that I have taken it upon my shoulders to hear you and fix these issues, so that current customers and new customers will be able to rest easy, knowing that we are fully prepared for anything that comes our way.

I hope, this reassures everyone old and new that I will continue to do my best for your horses, for you and for the shop.

The first email will go out on Thursday for the next order on the 27th October.

Much love,

Jayde Xoxo